Digital Trends Showcase


What End Users can expect this year!

How to tap into today's connected consumerAt DTS 2015 you can expect real-life, interactive case studies and education so you can leverage and benefit from what is currently available while gaining insights into what is coming next.

Take part in the DTS 9-hole digital signage experienceYour experience will include  displays, video walls, tablets, mobile and social media. Your personal DTS Caddy, aka industry leaders and experts, will deliver solutions where the whole exceeds the sum of the parts.

At DTS 2015 you will see:• multi-channel engagement
• the interaction of paid, owned and social media
• case study approaches
• how to apply current approaches
• the integration of enabling technologies
• cross channel marketing in action
• push to mobile messaging 
• storytelling for brand awareness 
• e-commerce in-store 
• synergies between technology and marketing 
• the merging of technology and human engagement
• how to apply the gadgets 
• gamification

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Downtown Toronto

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Marketing, brand, retail and communications executives and their core team responsible for branding, promotion, facility operations and engagement including. Delegates will include Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Brand Strategist, Agency Account Executive, Customer/Guest Experience, Brand Manager, Facilities Planning, Architects, Building and Experience Designers.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Supply chain providers of dynamic signage, interactive technologies, place-based kiosk, mobile commerce and other digital location-based engagement technologies and approaches. Audio/Visual – Information Technology Integrators. Providers to the Chief Technology Officer.

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You and your brand and communications team will leave with new awareness of how dynamic place-based display and engagement messaging can help you achieve your branding, merchandising and location-experience goals. Engagement is strategic, tactical and an operational imperative. Engagement is the “coin of the realm” for marketing and communication. During this event you will learn new ways to achieve engagement goals, so that:

Targeted audiences of people with buying or decision-making authority or influence notice your messages.

Patrons  enter or continue on the path to purchase or decision-making.

Awareness, alignment and amplification of your brand or its message is increased.

Patrons take actions that will improve their knowledge of your offering(s) through enquiry, visit to a website, mobile downloads or commerce, and the expression of their support through social or viral marketing.

Location- based display messaging is ideally suited to generating or enhancing engagement because messages are typically presented at times and locations best suited to achieving this engagement. See live, real-world examples of “how to” and ask the experts at each of 9 case study stations… and in the networking lounge at end of tour.

We look forward to seeing you there!